WantJoin Fryer Oil Filter Bag Oil Strainer 50PCS, 13.6 * 13.6in Filter Paper Sheets

WantJoin Fryer Oil Filter Bag Oil Strainer 50PCS, 13.6 * 13.6in Filter Paper Sheets

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Product description

【High temperature resistant & durable】WantJoin paper filter sheets are made of natural wood pulp which withstands high temperature. With the proper size of 13.6*13.6in, it applies to frying baskets of 7.9*7.9in without additiobal need of cut. The fryer filter bags have thickness of 0.51mm, which can stand oil flowing pressure. After first-time filtering, if the filter bag is intact, it can be recycled after removing oil.
【Remove smoking smell of oil】WantJoin oil filter sheets help remove smoking smell and unpleasant taste from used cooking oil, protect your fried food's flavor from turning bad and ensure better taste and aroma of your food. They lead to higher customer satisfaction and win more repeat customers.
【Save money】Frying causes wastes of food particles and remains in oil, which cause off-tastes, oxidation and darkening of oil. With WantJoin oil filter bags, these wastes can be filtered out, and fryer oil’s service life is extended. They increase economic efficiency as it costs less to filter than replace oil, and save your time of replacing oil while ensuring delicious taste of your fried food.
【Various applications and occasions】With the aperture of 45um, WantJoin fryer oil filter bags can filter not only cooking oil, fat and grease, but also homemade wine, soya-bean milk and juice. They are perfect for restaurants, snack stands, cafes, food trucks and hotels.
【Notes】Compared with cold oil hot oil has better fluidity, which contributes to faster filtering. So hot oil of 338℉(170℃) are suggested to filter. WantJoin fryer filter sheets can only filter out to retard darkening of oil, and cannot remove the black color of blackened oil.

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