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 WantJoin Cup Sealing Machine Full Automatic Cup Sealer Machine 90/95mm Electric Cup Sealing Machine Digital Control LCD Panel Cup Sealer for Bubble Milk Tea Coffee (Black)

WantJoin Cup Sealing Machine Full Automatic Cup Sealer Machine 90/95mm Electric Cup Sealing Machine Digital Control LCD Panel Cup Sealer for Bubble Milk Tea Coffee (Black)

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Product description

【Full Automatic】After placing the cup, the cup sealing machine automatically feeds the cup, automatically rolls the film, automatically seals the cup, automatically ejects, and takes it away directly. The cup sealer machine also has an automatic count, you can check how many cups are sealed each day. Fast cup sealing speed, fully automatic solution to milk tea shop with fewer staff, burst orders, and reject customer loss. 

【90 or 95MM Cups, for Lots of Cup Materials】High and short cups are available, can seal any height within 18CM. The cup sealing machine is universal for paper and plastic, and only needs to be equipped with special film for paper and plastic. Plastic cups can be sealed with a variety of materials: PE, PP, PC, and 90-95 calibers can be sealed. The cup sealer machine provides a 90-circle. If you need to seal 90 cups, you can put it in to seal. 

 【Special Circumstances Handling】The wet mouth can also be sealed, and the speed of sealing machine can be set manually. If the cup is not sealed at one time, it can be manually patched. Free hot drink slap needle, you can tap a small vent on the hot drink film.

【Seal the Cup without Leaking】Accurately set the temperature, 24 hours a day without interruption, 400-600 cups can be sealed per hour. "Dual mode all-in-one machine" is switched manually and automatically with one key to cope with different passenger flows when using the cup sealing machine. 

 【All-time Technical Guidance】The cup sealing machine has covered all the necessary components. If you need operation videos and troubleshooting guidance videos, as well as one-stop consumables and accessories, and bar equipment problems, please feel free to contact us by email.


All questions

I encountered the E52 error code, what should I do?

E51/E52 is an electronic eye failure. During the operation, when the film is not installed correctly, the film does not pass through the electronic eye, causing this error code to appear. Another situation is that different parafilms have different recognition sensitivities. Some parafilms require you to fine-tune. We are equipped with a handle for adjusting the electronic eye as a fine-tuning tool.

necesito un adaptador para sello de pote de diametro 60mm , 2,5 pulg


hola necesito para un diametro de la boca de pote de PP plastico de 60-70-90mm

De 90 a 95mm

Why does the plastic does not stick to the cup? (It work but it not stick)

You may have incompatible plastics (Cup and film come in different kinds). You can adjust the heat to a higher setting to try and melt it more.

After a period of time using cup sealing machine, paper cups and plastic cups are not sealed tightly.

Please check whether there is impurity or sinter on the upper heating plate, and clean it with warm and wet cloth.

Can 90mm pp cup be sealed with this machine ?

Machine temperature is variable, so all cup plastics can be sealed. (I've sealed both PET and PP). Machine has 95mm ring but comes with an adapter that looks like 90mm, but I don't have a 90mm cup to try it with.

2 3/8 dimensions can I use that size. I don’t know how to convert it to mm.

Is that the top rim dimension of your cup?

There is too much dust at the light-emitting part of the sensor bayonet.What can I do?

Please wipe with soft cotton cloth to remove dust on the cup sealing machine.

Is this machine NSF

Sealer don’t need to be NSF approve

We installed the parafilm, but the machine displays the error code E51, what should I do?

This is very simple, you only need to adjust the electronic eye. The customer service helped me solve the problem. They are very professional.

When the cup is put in, the sealing film does not move or rolls but makes a "click" sound from the cup sealer machine.

The sealing film is not installed correctly, the bayonet of the waste film roller is not aligned with the screw, and it shall be reinstalled according to the schematic diagram on the top of the machine case.

Does this machine seal PET plastic cups? if so what film needs to be purchased and what temperature does it need to be set?

It seals both PET and PP film. Your film should suggest the temperature, as it's the film that melts to the cup. I've had luck sealing both types of plastic with the temperature mine came at, but it's only a few buttons to adjust up/down to get the right seal. Great machine.

If we buy this machine, how can we print customized lids?

You have to special order custom plastic film

what specific type of cups that i must buy that fits on the mouth of this automatic sealing cups? i have wasted my time figuring put on how to use it

Karat C1011 16 oz 500 cc Translucent PP Modern Cups with WYZworks Cup Sealer Film - Bubble Boba Tea Sealing Clear PP type 3275 cups @ 90mm-105mm.

what is the right temperature for 95mm plastic cup? i put on 195-210 but the cup wont seal..???please help

Try to set the holding time little bit longer, but it will make the whole plastic cover looks soft, not a good machine.

How many Watts or Amps? My electrician wanted to know

It’s said 110v/60Hz. And 350W. Pretty nice machine, the only problem i have is that the machine can’t adjust the lead time on automatically mode.

Can we seal 98 mm cups

I don't think so. The 95mm fits the larger ring.

Can it be used for sodas?

It will be slightly better than a ziplock bag, try filling one of those and see if it pops. The film is not meant to hold a lot of pressure in, and will likely burst if the soda is heavily carbonated or shakes too much, but for a short delivery or low carbonated drink, it would probably be ok.

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